Can't print from Email



HI everyone,

I am trying to print from an email, but it is really strange that only that
particular email I can't print from, all other are fine. I can also print
from any other document, the email is in HTML format, If I do a reply, I
still can't print from it, but if I change it to "Rich text" or "plain text"
it prints fine.

I tried different printers with this email, still same result. I do not to
prefer to copy and paste it to a WORD document though.

Any one, any ideas please



This sounds like it might be a problem with printing HTML that several
of us have noticed. Try running this:

Try Start | Run | regsvr32 ole32.dll

I bet that will do the trick for you, too.

Good luck!


I had this same problem, and looked everywhere for a fix. Finally, I found
one that worked! Thank you for your help

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