Garbled printing in Outlook



I have a user running Outlook 2003 (from SBE) that has recently started
having issues printing certain emails from Outlook. Here is the pertinent

•When printing multi-page emails, the first page prints fine and subsequent
pages are garbled. (‘first page’ is the first page that the printer
processes, which could be the last page, depending on how each printer
•Print is garbled on any printer used
•All single-page emails print OK
•Attachments print OK
•Any format message (HTML, Rich Text, Text) has the issue
•If you save a message as an .HTML or .MSG file, it will also print
subsequent pages garbled
•Only have the issue in Outlook…other programs (Word, Excel, Acrobat, etc.)
print OK
•Opening messages or .HTML/.MSG files on other machines print normally
•Printing messages with Office Document Image Writer printer does not seem
to have issues…only normal printers
•Outlook, Windows, MS Office have all available service packs and patches

My plan was to uninstall and reinstall Outlook/Office on the machine, but I
was wondering if anyone had seen these symptoms and possibly had another



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