Can't delete long filename.


Mike Busch

I moved some files over to my laptop off the file server
to be archived and removed. So the transfer went fine,
the archive(to DVD-R) went fine, but I can't seem to
delete this folder off my laptop. Everytime i attempt to
delete I get the following message:

Error Deleting File or Folder
Cannot delete MESSAG~1.CLA: Cannot find the specified file.

Make sure you specified the correct path and filename.

So If I traverse the tree I cna narrow the problem to a
file(its located in several directories). But the
following file is undeletable:


Seems like a programmers file. But i was able to move it
from and delete it off the file server. I was also able
to burn it onto DVD. So why am I unable to delete it off
my own laptop?

Thanks for your help guys.
Mike Busch


Just FYI,

There are other undeletable files in this directory that
aren't quite the same. Such as:


and about a 100 more files like this. Some of the .class
files do not have exessively long file names. So itseems
like either very long file names or a .class extention and
Win2K won't delete it.

Any ideas?



Try using a boot disk to boot to dos and delete the file
from there. That way if it is windows locking the file,
windows won't be running.

Kevin McNiel [MSFT]

This can happen if the path is very long. Try shortening the name(s) of some
of the top level folders such that the overall length of the path to the
file in question is shorter, then try to delete it again.

Kevin McNiel, MCSE/MCSA
Platform Server Setup Group

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