Can not reinstall Windows Defender at VISTA SP1.



At VISTA SP1 if I try to reinstall Defender I am told that Defender comes
with VISTA and my only choice is to cancle. Yes that's true but at the
moment I have a very DAMAGED copy of Defender. It starts "turned off" and
if you attempt to start it it hangs at "stopping" untill VISTA kicks it out.
Basicaly as a security tool it is worthless. Nothing I beleave a reinstall
won't fix. I might even know the app that was the "bad actor"; but I need a
working copy of Defender to recreate. Not to mention some Spy ware
protection. If anyone wishes I can provide exact symptons but it might save
time if I could reinstall. Any Ideas.
Sidebar. Don't you think it's silly not to be able to reinstall security
softeware. If I were a "bad Actor" the security stuff would be the first
thing I would attempt to mess with,



Bill Sanderson

Defender is part of Windows, in Vista.

You can reinstall it by reinstalling Vista.

How easy this is to do depends on what media you have for Vista--and how it
was installed on your system.

Please try this first:

Find the command prompt icon in start, all programs, accessories.

Right-click it, and choose "run as administrator."

in the command prompt window type:

winmgmt /salvagerepository

and hit enter.

Let's see if this helps correct the issue.


Hello Wandy,

You might try this. Go to the main Windows Update window and click on
"Installed Updates" (on the left-hand side of the window, at the bottom), and
then remove "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB931099)" (only).

Reboot. - Reboot again. - Go back to Windows Update, and re-install the same
update, by clicking on the Check for Updates button.

This should essentially re-install Windows Defender on Vista.

Also, you can get direct help from Microsoft for issues with virus
infections or issues related to security patches.

I'd recommend calling 1-866-pcsafety if you are in the U.S. or Canada.

Elsewhere, call your local Microsoft subsidiary, or the number for paid
support in your locale--and ask for the free help with virus or
security-patch related issues.

This help extends to spyware removal as well.

If you /clearly/ state that a specific update or virus has caused problems
and don't ask any other questions, you /should/ receive No Charge support for
the issue.

Good luck


I just read one of you're appends in Discuussions in general to the effect

What other security software came pre-installed, or has been installed by

Windows Live OneCare, and Microsoft Forefront Client Security will both
disable Windows Defender by design, when active.

I suspect current versions of other security suites products that include an
anti-spyware component, and run on Vista--will also disable Windows Defender
in favor of their own protection.

Is this true? On one of the rair occasions that defender started I checked
what defences were running and yes defender and One Care were boath in there.
Doeas this mean that defender is not needed? If so this should also be
in the why defender won't install message. They coexisted untill I returned
from the latest One Care Beta. Please get back to me on this as I was
preparing to reinstall. Step 1: purches a second copy of XP PRO. Step 2:
Expand my McAfee licence.
Never saw anything about this in any install.
Thanks and please let me know.



Bill Sanderson

Indeed--all the protection of Windows Defender and more is included in

So--if you have OneCare installed, I would simply leave Windows Defender
alone, and not worry about it.

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