Windows Defender has turned off my Internet Security Program PC-Ci


Van T. Robinson

Defender has turned off and won't allow me to turn on the Internet Security
Program which came with our Dell Computer when I bought it for my wife and
stepsons. How do I get the program back on and running. I do have the
re-install disk, but even when attempting to reinstall the program Windows
balks at allowing it.

Bill Sanderson

You need to have an antivirus program which is kept current with new
definitions. How long ago was this purchase, and did you subscribe to
definition updates? Often, the anti-malware protection which "comes with"
new machines is a trial version which is only effective for a few months.

Is Windows Defender the only ant-malware program on your machine at the
moment? Can you quote exactly an error message--either what happens when you
attempt reinstalling, or what happens when the app is disabled?

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