New defender download for Vista (Reinstall)



Possable new bad guy Lavasoft.
On the XP PC Lavasoft' AD-AWARE is used for cookey removal. I think they
have gone over to the dark side as in send money and we will give you the
"real removel tool" Got them out of their with my fingers. Defender no
longer starts on boot. Telling it to do so is of no help (tools). Sometimes
Defender works; sometimes it hangs. Troble is when I attempt a reinstall I
am told that "VISTA comes with Defender"; that's all she wrote. Can't
reinstall. I'm most sure that a reinstall will cure all ills. but I can't
reinstall. Any suguestions?
Think about this, if you were a sharp spyware writer, what would be the
first thing you would mess up?
Gosh I would sure feal better If I could reinstall.
Gosh I would sure feal better If I could reinstall.
Thanks !



Bill Sanderson

Was this installation of Vista an upgrade from Windows XP, or some other
version of Windows?

Indeed you cannot reinstall Windows Defender on Vista. You can do a repair
install of Vista, which is time consuming, but should otherwise be quite
benign--hardly any noticeable difference afterwards.

Check this site for details about how to do a repair install

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