How to install windows defender on vista?



How to install Windows defender on vista if it was uninstalled?

The windows defender option is disabled in windows security center probably
the reason is that the windows defender was uninstalled.

Downloaded the WindowsDefender.msi but its shows information message saying
you do not need to install this software because windows defender is included
in windows installation.

Followed steps on the link to manually install windows defender but
one of the dll was not registered.
i dont know where to find working dlls.

Kindly, help


This may fix things quite a bit. SFC \SCANNOW

It replaces corrupt files with intact ones.

Some Windows Vista functions may not work, or Windows Vista may stop


I'm suÑe someone else will help you if this suggestion doesn't help.

Let us know what hªppens.

Good luck


Bill Sanderson

That KB article only applies to Windows XP, and should say so. Engel has
given the fix that should work for you--sfc /scannow, run from an elevated
command prompt (I.e. right-click command prompt in the menus and choose run
as administrator)'

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