Can Microsoft support really be this bad?



I had setup a hotmail account for a friend a year ago who was then not
greatly internet savvy. She forgot her password a week ago and tried to have
it reset but tried too many times and lost the possibility to answer her
security questions. At the beginning of the week we started to submit emails
to support through the accountservices.msn site as expected and heard
nothing. I even called 800-microsoft and spoke with the MSN folks and they
did nothing but read from scripts and tell me to continue to email to an
account I never hear from. Since then I have emailed that web form around
ten times and spoken to the MSN folks more than that. I started emailing any
email address I could find on Microsoft's site (abuse, comments, etc)
PLEADING with someone to help as we are now fairly sure that what happened
was that someone has logged into her account and changed her password and is
using it against her. It's to the point now that it is almost assuredly
going to result in a nasty divorce for her. We even told the MSN people if
they would just ask us the damn security questions and reset the password we
would upgrade to a paid account. I told them I'd pay whatever they wanted
for a pay per call support line. Even if they wouldn't change the password,
just disable the account until this is resolved. Guess what I heard?
NOTHING! The passhelp account just keeps sending me emails telling me that
they know how inconvenient and frustrating it can be but that I need to go
through the other email address. Maybe for the average situation it is
frustrating and inconvenient but this isn't that situation and my feelings
are much more extreme. I DID on thursday get an email from support saying to
identify me, to answer a bunch of questions which I IMMEDIATELY did and sent
back. HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING SINCE!!! It is no wonder why Microsoft gets
such a bad rap. I have NEVER been so thoroughly disgusted with such poor
pathetic HORRIFIC NON-EXISTENT service!

Take it from me, if you are going to get a free account, get it anywhere
other than hotmail. I'll be deleting this account as soon as we can get this
other issued resolved.

John Jay Smith

MS support is non existant.

In contrast I have had success with Yahoo support...

Kenny -

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

-Arthur C. Clarke

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