Can anyone please help???



I get this message every time I open Windows Mail. Is there anyway to fix
it?? Thanks

"The message store has been corrupted by an application external to Windows
mail. Windows mail has been able to successfully recover from this
corruption. (0x00000000)

Gary VanderMolen

That problem is usually caused by interference from an antivirus
program. Which antivirus are you running?
As a minimum, email scanning in the antivirus should be turned off,
although that may not be sufficient to eliminate all bad effects.
In a worst case scenario, your antivirus may need to be uninstalled.

Email scanning in any antivirus should be disabled, for reasons
explained here:

Since the antivirus may have corrupted the message store, run the
various repair functions in the WMUtil program:

If no improvement, upgrade to Windows Live Mail:

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