BSOD and now computer will only start with temporary profile HELP

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Headley Sappleton

Hi all

I am using WINDOWS XP professional with IE7.
my computer was working fine unil I turned it on today and got a BSOD with
some message similar to (ATAPI.sys =address F747880A BASE at F7472000
datestamp 41107b4d) and it ask me to disable antivirus etc and do CHKDSK /F

So i rebooted computer and login and got message (Windows cannot load your
profile because it may be corrupted. contact your ststem admn) After that it
went to another message (Windows will load temorary profile)

I tried rebooting several times with same result. then finally i decided to
run chkdsk which ran at start up. It completed the 3-stages and came to
something about security discriptor when it just suddenly rebooted and I am
again confronted with the temorary profile. I will not get anywhere because
the profile is not even safed when I reboot. I need my original profile
because there is a lot at stake here. Somebody please help me



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