Browser won't connect to a linked site.



I am using Window XP home, and IE 6.
If I click on a link while Internet Explorer 6 is closed
it will open up and display an empty window. Nothing is
in the address bar, the main part of the window, no
waving window flag, and nothing in the part where done
usually shows up. If I click on the stop button the
following is displayed in the address bar:
The window now displays Action Canceled... etc, and done
shows up at the bottom. If I click a link while IE6 is
open it works fine.
I have scanned with Ad-Aware and Spybot.
Thanks for any help.

H Leboeuf

Why do I see the Action Cancelled message?

Quoted from the page in case you cannot get to it.
Why do I see an Action Cancelled message?

The Action Cancelled message is usually generated when entries in the users
HOSTS file are preventing access from one or more servers designated in the
web page. In most cases this occurs from 3rd party ad servers such as
"doubleclick", where the "Action Cancelled" message replaces an ad banner in
a hidden frame within the viewing page.

In other cases the message is displayed when a user clicks a link in a page
that routes them thru a tracking service, or attempts to connect to a listed
hijacker, parasite, etc. and this culprit is listed as an entry in the HOSTS

To determine if this is the case, right-click the Action Cancelled message
and select: Properties. Look at the entire "path", (URL) you should see the
listed entry. On some sites these entries will also cause the "red X"
(missing image).

Pictures Are Not Displayed on Web Sites in Internet Explorer
Safely Rename the HOSTS file

In the event you can not access a site and you believe it may be due to an
entry in the HOSTS file. Check the URL first! It may be taking you to
somewhere you don't want to go! Yes webmasters can fudge the URL displayed
in the lower left corner of your browser. When you are not sure -
right-click the link and select: Copy Shortcut - paste to Notepad. You can
use the HOSTS Editor to see if that server is listed. If it's listed, many
times you'll see a "comment" next to the entry.

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