IE freezes if opening another window from a link on a web page.



Hello. I have IE6 on my machine. I go to the following site.
It has links to all sorts of manufacturers of contractor suppliers.

If I click on ANY of the links, it opens another window and the IE flag
in the upper right corner starts waving and waving and waving and never
ends waving. I have to stop the connect to the new site (get the Action
Canceled message) and then hit View/Refresh from the menu bar. When I
refresh, the page for the link displays.

If I go to the ferguson site, click File/New/Window and paste one of the
links into the new window, it goes to it immediately. It only freezes
if the clicking on the link opens up a new window.

If the link does not open a new window (like Google), it goes to the new
link OK since a new window is not being opened.

I have cleared out the temp files/cookies/history.

This does not occur if I use Netscape.

Any ideas?

PA Bear

Windows version? Is the machine fully patched at Windows Update?

Try re-registering all of the DLLs listed in this KB article...

You Cannot Open New Internet Explorer Window or Nothing Happens After You
Click on a Link

Installing the latest Cumulative Patch for IE may solve the problem as a
side-effect. Check in at Windows Update.

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