Blank Document Map



I have word 2007, i was creating a new template (dotx) and created a document
using the template. Both the template and document, when turning on document
map all i get is a blank area. I have tried going back and forth from outline
view and that has no effect. If i turn on the document map from inside of
outline view, it copies the current display info into the document map pane
but the informaiton is not a document map, it is just a copy of the display
that was over the display pane.

If i use documents not from this template or document, the map works fine.


Stefan Blom

In the problem document, are you using the built-in heading styles or custom
styles with an outline level defined?


Hi Stefan,

I'm having the same problem. My document is loaded with custom styles and
contains a ToC. When I move to certain sections of the document (usually the
beginning--this is not the first time I've had this problem), the document
map stop working. It no longer updates, doesn't scroll, and has a graphics
issue where part of the video overlay from your last open dialog is visible
in the document, even though the dialog is closed. If you turn it off and
turn it on again, there is an enormous blank spot in the document map. You
have to jump to the end of the document before the thing starts working
again--actually, you have to go deep enough into the document that the
section giving you trouble would no longer appear on the document map. Once
you scroll in the main window or in the document map and hit a section that
confuses the document map, the thing freezes up again. The rest of Word
remains functional.

If you have no styles, it works fine.



Stefan Blom

Sorry, I haven't seen this issue before. Are you saying that it occurs only
with custom heading styles, not with the built-in ones?


Hm, good question. I don't know...I guess I'll have to experiment some more
with it.


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