Document Map and Outline Levels in 2007



Hi all,

I have a 2007 document I've been working with for a while. Somehow, after
the last save, I opened the document up, and the document map is all sorts of
messed up. Word seems to have changed the outline level on a lot of text
that has styles applied to it to Level 1 instead of Body Text. This
completely messes up the document map.

I have gone through the document map, made all the necessary corrections at
the text where the outline level has changed, choosing Paragraph -> Outline
Level and setting it back to Body Text in all the areas. The document map
looked correct afterwards, showing only the headings I wanted to see. After
saving the corrections, closing the document, and then re-opening the
document, Word again has changed the outline levels of all the corrections I
had just made, setting it back to the messed-up state.

If I choose the styles, and look at the individual style, the Outline Level
is correct (Body Text), but when I click on the area in the document with the
text where a style is applied and look at Paragraph -> Outline level, it is
changed to 1.

Why does Word do this, and how can I fix it so that it saves correctly, and
stays fixed???

Thanks for any help to this annoying problem!!!

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