Bizarre TSClient problem



Hello All,

Setup: Application server with app installed; Win2kTS
with client application installed to connect to App
Server; TSClient on client machines; 2 published apps.
Everything is Win2k with all patches, fixes, SP's, etc.

1st app is run locally on the TS server itself per
vendor's recommendations. 2nd app is installed on app
server with client piece on TS server per vendor's

Problem: When I logon as Administrator, I run published
app number 1 just fine and published app number 2 just
fine. When I logon as a user, app number one runs just
fine, when I try to run app number 2 - it launches app
number 1. I've verified the Path and Start In to app
number 2 and it is correct. Logoff, log back on as admin,
app 1 and app 2 run as designed - Path and Start In info
is identical as the user's because I exported it and then
imported it into my ConMan for the user.

Also, something else that's bizarre, a notepad process
starts with every session. I have no idea where it's
being called from.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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