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We are having a problem with a Terminal Server running a SQL application on
the SQL server very slowly, even with only 1 user on the TS. Running the app
on the SQL server, it is faster by a factor of at least 10. When running the
app from the TS, no matter how many users, the SQL server is just idling
along, no pressure from the TS. Also, there is no domain, these two Win2k
servers are part of a Netware 6.5 network. They each have the NW client for
NT (4.9) installed. Only IP is installed as a protocol. I would appreciate
any info on where else to look, or requests for more info. Not sure where to
go at this time.

Thanks in advance,


Is file copy performance also affected, i.e. how logn does it take to copy a
100MB file from the SQL Server to the TS

Check the duplex settings on each server's NIC to make sure they're manually
set to the correct setting.

Patrick Rouse
MIcrosoft MVP - Terminal Server


It takes about 10 - 11 seconds from the time you click paste. Here is what I
have found so far (I am not on site), the Terminal Server has HP NC7782
Gigabit NICs and the SQL Server has HP NC3123 & NC3163 10/100 NICs. I don't
know what the switch is. So I think that you may very well have hit this
nail on the head. What can I use to view the duplex mode of an active
interface on Win2k server?



10 seconds isn't bad for a 100MB file, but overa gigabit interface, if all
are configured at full duplex it should be faster.

You can change the duplex setting in the network connection settings ->
Configure -> Advanced -> Link Speed & Duplex.

If the switch is managed, then you'll have to logon via telnet, web
interface or via console cable to change the duplex setting on the switch

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server


Thanks for your help Patrick.

We removed the Netware Client (4.9 SP2) from the Terminal server, and this
solved the performance problem. We will, however, also be making some
adjustments to the physical layer like you suggested. After reinstalling the
NW client and applying all patches available, the problem was still gone.
There was one patch that addressed DNS issues and performance degradation.

Again, thanks for the help.

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