Windows 2003 Terminal Server and Windows 2000 Terminal server License server



My current current consist of
3 Windows 2000 Terminal server installed in App mode
1 Windows 2003 Terminal Server installed in user mode(I thinks thats the term Same as App mode for windows 2000
2 domain controllers with Terminal server license server install and running

The 3 windows 2000 TS instance are able to find and issue TS CAL's from TS license server without any issue
However the 1 Windows 2003 TS instance is unable to locate a TS license server. Event ID: 1026 and 1004 appear in the system event logs. I have tried MS article #279561 and manually pointed the 2003 TS instance to the TS license server which does nothing. I have also looked into Q319555 and Q323597 without success
Any assistant will be great


Vera Noest [MVP]

I assume that the DCs are running W2K?
If so, this is not going to work. A Windows 2003 TS needs 2003 TS
CALs. Those can only be installed on a 2003 TS Licensing Server.
The good news is that a 2003 LS does not have to be running on a
DC anymore. So you can simply install and activate the LS on the
2003 TS. Then you need to buy and install 2003 TS CALs.

Note: if you owned your XP Pro desktop licenses before the date of
release of Windows 2003 (24 april), then you can apply for a free
transition TS CAL for these clients. Check:

Windows Server 2003 Pricing and Licensing FAQ

Terminal Server CAL Transition Plan FAQ

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