Terminal License server question


Viet Tran

I am running win2003 terminal server on a win2K domain
controller. Since win2K terminal license server will not
issue CALs to win2003 terminal server user, I installed
terminal license service on the win2003 terminal server
and use the MS hack (article 279561) to overide the TS
license discovery to point to itself. I activated the
terminal licensing 'per user' CAL. It is not issuing
the 'per user' CAL but the 'temporary per device' CALs
which has and expiration date (120days).

My question is, how do I get the terminal license server
to issue my valid 'per user' CALs instead of 'per device'
CALs? What will happen after the CAL expires? Will the
user device be refuse connnection to the TS?

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Vera Noest [MVP]

Is the Terminal Server (not the Licensing Server!) set to use "Per
User" licensing? The default is "Per Device"!
You can check this from Administrative Tools - Terminal Services
Configuration - Server Settings
If it's set to Per Device mode, it will look for a Device TS CAL
and will not issue your Per User TS CALs.

Check this article as well, it explains that even after you have
switched licensing mode on the TS, your User CALs count will not
be decremented:

822134 - The Function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server

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