TS Licensing server



I have a single Domain Controller with Terminal Server
(TS) installed in Apllication mode.

I have a problem that I have not seen an any other TS
server that I've installed.

This server was upgrade, by me, from a "Workgroup" SQL
server to a Active Directory, Terminal SErver, Domain

When I try to run the TS Licensing fom Administrative
tools, I immediately get a message: "No Terminal SErvices
license serve is available in the current domain or
workgroup. To Connect to another license server, ...".

I do NOT have a time equivalent entry in the Event Log.
The only entry in my event log is Event ID 202 "The
product Windows Server is out of licenses. Use License
Manager from the Administrative Tools folder for more
information on which users are out of compliance and how
many licenses should be purchased."

1. Why am I getting this?
2. How to change the system to allow me to get to the TS
licensing server function and register this TS?

Vera Noest [MVP]

Sounds as if you have 2 problems:

(1) EventID 202 clearly states that you are short of "normal" server CALs.
You'll have to buy more CALs (is this server configured "per server"?)
(2) Regarding the TS Licensing: Are you sure that you have installed TS
Licensing Services (Control Panel - Add/Remove programs - Add Windows


To clarify (1): Are you saying that the message does NOT
apply to TS? That it applies to LAN services component?
Thanks in advance....George

Vera Noest [MVP]

You could try to hardcode the address of the LS into the registry
of the TS (I understand that those services all run on the same
machine, but that is no garantuee that they can find each other):

239107 - Establishing Preferred Windows 2000 Terminal Services
License Server

Normally, this is only neccessary when the LS is installed on a
non-DC. But since you seem to have followed a less-than-standard
upgrade path ;-), anything could go wrong.

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