2003 Domain does not see TS License Server


Brian Price

I'm running a 2003 AD Domain we have Term Server Licenseing server running
on one of the domain controllers. When I open TS Licensing it does not auto
discover the running TS License server. Instead it returns an error that
sayd "No Terminal Server license server is available in the current domain
or workgroup. To connect to....." If I then choose Action, Connect, and
type in the name of the DC running the license server it finds it and
connects just fine. Any Ideas what might be happening?


Are you running TS Licensing from a server or workstation?

First thing I would check is your DNS configuration. Make sure
that the workstation/server is sending its dns queries to a
dns server that has all of the proper entries for your active

Even if you think the dns configuration is correct I would double
check by running netmon on your workstation/server. Hit the
start capture button right before you double click the TS Licensing
shortcut, wait for the TS Licensing error, then click the stop and
view capture button.

You should see the ldap & dns queries/responses and can see exactly
what dns server(s) are being contacted and what response they
are giving.




Both the License server and TS Licensing app are being run on the same
machine which is a Win 2003 Domain controller. I looked at the traffic
using net mon and you can see the query from the app go out requesting a DC
for the site. The DNS responds with the correct name & IP for the domain
controller running the License server. Is there any other DNS query or
response I should look for?

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