Problem with Published App on 2003 Standard running Citrix




I am having a devil of a time trouble shooting a problem. I have an
application that I published in Citrix (XPa FR3, SP4) on top of a Windows
2003 server. When I run the application as a user with administrative rights
to the server, the app runs without issue.

When I attempt to run the app as a typical user (the Domain Users group is
in the servers Power Users group), the app fails to run properly.

Whe I take one of the user accounts, and elevate it to Administrator on the
server, the app will run fine.

I've looked at the App's executable properties, and did select to allow
non-administrators to run the app, but that didn't work, as well.

The user group that access the app does have full permissions to all files
in the directory.

Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Vera Noest [MVP]

I would download FileMon and RegMon from Run them as administrator (when no
user is connected), start a TS session as a normal user and try to
run the application.

FileMon and RegMon will show you all "access denied" errors that
occur, so that you can give your users the necessary permissions on
a file-to file or Registry subkey basis.

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