Run Windows 95 in Ubuntu As An Electron App


Sep 30, 2005
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Run Windows 95 in Ubuntu As An Electron App

A developer managed to run Windows 95 OS as an electron app and it is possible to run it in Ubuntu, Linux and Mac.

The electron app is a full featured Windows 95 with all (almost!) features –

  • DOS Prompt
  • Old Internet Explorer (horror!!)
  • Minesweeper Game
  • Notepad
  • Explorer

An you can even play DOOM on it.

Things didn’t end there. A gamer group called DisplacedGamers managed to run Doom inside this app!! Have a look below.


Ah nostalgia, it brings a tear to my eye. :cool:


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Interesting but I'm left wondering if some things should be best forgotten ;)

Let's face it Win 95 was as unstable as hell, Win 98 was a bit better but still performed like a roller coaster missing a wheel, Win XP was better but still needed re-installing every 18 months or so then MS finally arrived at something halfway decent.

I haven't mentioned ME cos it was tosh and Win 2000/NT was for office bods.

I actually still have a Win 95 install disk and a few disks full of utilities for it. Whether I could find drivers for it is quite another matter though.

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