display problems in W2K TS client / W2K server is VirtPC guest op



I have just converted a desktop app to be Terminal Services capable. It had
a few fairly trivial graphical effects applied to buttons in the app, and it
uses the font "Century Gothic" in a few listboxes.

I installed the app on a guest Windows 2000 TS application server running as
a guest operating system in Virtual PC. I am testing it on a client remote
desktop connection to the terminal server. The app runs fine, but the
graphics are pretty horrible - i.e., the button effects suck and the fonts
aren't the same.

Since I am just testing it out, there is no load problem. The issues isn't
slowness, etc, it is the actual display not appearing the same as when the
app runs on the desktop. Also, the Century Gothic font has been replaced by
some ugly system font.

My questions are these:
1. Are the graphical effects screwed up simply because running the TS as a
guest opsys on Virtual PC is the wrong way to test this?
2. Or...is the problem more likely to be that I have failed to install some
driver on the guest operating system?
3. And, do I need to install the Century Gothic font on the Terminal Server?
Seems like Century Gothic ought to be common enough that it would be
included on the operating system setup disk. Anyone know where I would be
able to find this out?

Sorry if these are basic questions, but Terminal Services is kind of new to
me so I am not sure what basic steps I may be missing...


Vera Noest [MVP]

You will have to install the Century Gothic font on the server.
It's not a default font on Windows 2003 server, I can't check on a
W2K system. You can find installed fonts in %systemroot%\Fonts.
Better is of course to stick to a default font.

Note that a W2K Terminal Server only supports 256 colors. Maybe
that's the reason that your button effects are not what you
I don't think that running TS in a virtual PC has anything to do
with your problems, but if you are going to take this application
into production, you will have to test it on a "real" Terminal
Server first.
Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting: http://ts.veranoest.net
___ please respond in newsgroup, NOT by private email ___


Thanks, Vera... I noted that I am having the same graphics issues when I run
the app on the W2K TS from the console rather than over the RDP connection.
Would the 256 colors issue be present on the console as well as over a remote

Also, is there some resource you might be aware of where I can check what
the default fonts are for various OSes without actually just inspecting the
systemroot/fonts folder?

Thanks again.


Vera, never mind that last question. You are absolutely right, 256 colors
was the problem. Thanks for your help.

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