best practice for printers




i wan't to install a network printer on my tse server who will be using for
all the people who connect to these server

actually i do :

1) i connect the printer on my controler (an other server windows 2000
naming toto), to do the spool

share name : prn1

2) on the tse server, i install the printer by selectionning :

- netwok printer --- \\toto\prn1

i do this on the administrator session

but other people on the tse server don't see the printer, and i am oblige to
do the same (point 2) on all the session

so what is the best practice to install a printer (with a network card) for
all the people on the tse server

precision ; i don't whant to mount the local printer of my rdp'client



Hi nicolas29,

this newsgroup is beeing retired. Post in


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