autotext entry font changes



I don't know what has caused this change. I had a preformatted table stored
as an autotext entry. The table has a number of paragraph styles applied to
the text inside. All the table's paragraph styles use Arial font. I saved the
table autotext entry in the normal.dotm so that even new blank documents
would have it available.

Now, when I open a new blank document and insert the autotext entry, the
font in the tables changes to Times New Roman. My normal parapraph style is
set to Arial. Further the table styles are designed to be built on no style,
not Normal, so Normal shouldn't be a factor as far as I know.

It wasn't doing this before today. I did delete the Autotext entry and add
it back in as part of a tutorial I was developing to give coworkers so they
could see the steps to create this same entry. When I defined the autotext
entry today, I followed the same process I did the first time around so I am

Stefan Blom

If the paragraph styles applied to the cells exist in the document where you
insert the AutoText, the style definition of the document will be used,
which could explain what you are seeing.



Oh for Pete's I look as my blank new documents, you are exactly

This leads me to next question: Is there a way that I can distibute an
autotext entry (in this case a table that has several parapraph styles
defined in it) and somehow "lock down" the styles so they won't change,
regardless of the way the recipients normal.dotm or normal.dotx is

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