autotext issues in 2007



Word 2007. Autotext issues, I’ll do my best to describe. All my autotext
entries were working fine, had transferred nicely from Word 2003. I use them
extensively in various templates, which recently had to have the font
changed. Since all my autotext was coming up in the old font, I went through
and changed all my autotext entries. It’s gone downhill from there.

When I type in the lead word(s), the information (one word to several
sentences, depending) comes in with an automatic hard return, no matter how I
try to save the entry without it. In another situation, I have a specific
style set up where both margins are indented and are set up to do that with a
keyboard shortcut. When that style is activated, if I use an autotext entry
in that indented paragraph, not only do I get the hard return, I also get my
entire paragraph kicked out past the previously set up indents, although the
indents are still shown on the ruler.

I have tried saving as Building Blocks, AutoText, QuickParts, etc. I don’t
know which I’m supposed to be using and none of them seem to work at all like
autotext did in 2003. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Stefan Blom

Make sure that no paragraph mark (¶) has been added to the selection from
which you are creating the AutoText (or building block). In the Create New
Building Block dialog box, make sure to choose "Insert content only" for

Note that you can press Ctrl+Shift+8 to show/hide paragraph marks as well as
other nonprinting marks, which will simplify the task.

As far as terminology is concerned, building block is the general term;
which gallery to specify depends on your needs. For example, if you choose to
create a "Quick Parts" building block, it will be listed directly under
Insert tab | Quick Parts. Similarly, the "Headers" type of building block can
be inserted via the Header & Footer tab of the ribbon. Usually AutoText works
just fine.

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