In Word 2003 on Windows XP, a user goes to Insert Autotext (such as Path and
Filename), but, under each category (i.e., clicking on "All Entries" on the
"AutoText" toolbar, the categories of "Attention Line", "Header/footer", have
no entries to expand out.

Preivously, I recreated "", but the problem rears its head again.

Any ideas on the culprit?

Thanks . . .


Stefan Blom

Can you tell under which circumstances the issue occurs? When the built-in
entries are missing, that usually means that someone has replaced
with a custom template renamed as "" (as opposed to letting Word
recreate the template).

Also, note that the available categories depend on which paragraph style is
applied to text. For example, in the header (where by default the Header
style is applied) you normally won't see all categories. For more on
AutoText, see


Thanks Stefan . . .

After I posted the question, I found she had an Avery Labels add-in. (She
also has Adobe Acrobat Standard (although I'm not sure of which version).)

In Tools/Options, on the "File Locations" tab, Avery had her templates in an
Avery Folder under "My Documents". I changed it to the same as my default:

The problem went away as it did the other time, when I re-created her template.

So between the apparent luck I had this time and your help information,
maybe the problem is either solved or I'll have more information to work with
the next time.

Thanks again . . .


Stefan Blom

Yes, add-ins may also cause issues in Word...

Anyway, I'm glad you got it sorted, and thank you for the follow-up!

Graham Mayor

Avery labels add-in has historically been a poor bit of software that
doesn't really do anything that Word cannot manage without it. Early
versions of Acrobat 7's add-in created all kinds of problems. If she has
that, make sure it is updated as the problem was eliminated later - see

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