2003 AutoText Entries Missing from Menu



I have existing AutoText entries that work great from the AutoCorrect dialog
box as well as when I type in the document and press Enter to activate the
AutoText. However, recently I noticed that my AutoText entries are not
displaying in the Insert AutoText menu with the categorical listing of
AutoText entries. I simply get a blank gray box for each category that is
listed. Why doesn't the menu populate with the built-in and user-made
AutoText entries? I know I have seen it before, and I am not sure when this
would have changed.

Thank you for your help -

Graham Mayor

Are you talking about autocorrect or autotext? They are not the same thing.
Autotext in Word 2003 is filed by the paragraph style used to create them,
so the list will only display those entries applicable to the paragraph
style at the cursor. If you want to see the full menu structure activate the
menu with the cursor position formatted with the normal paragraph style.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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Thank you Graham. Yes, it is AutoText I am talking about. The built-in
AutoText entries should be available for me to use in a brand new document,
shouldn't they? No matter where I am, in a new document or an existing
document, the entries show nothing. For example, if I go to Insert, AutoText,
Attention Line (or ANY of the other category listings), they all just show a
blank gray box where the submenu option is supposed to display. It is as if
they are all missing! :-( But yet, when I go to Insert, AutoText, AutoText,
there are all the entries and I can insert whichever ones I want. They also
work when I use the keyboard and press enter after the yellow screen tip
displays. But they are not showing in the AutoText menu and I would like them
to, and I don't know how to fix this. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for your help,

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