Autotext font changing



I add autotext entries in arial (my default font) but some of them change to
Time New Roman when I insert it into my document. I have redefined them and
they are okay for a while but the next day they change back to Times New
Roman again.


When you created the Autotext entries did you include the paragraph mark?
If the paragraph is included then the entry will maintain the style/format,
if not then the entry will chaneg to the style/format at the point of
But if you have saved the paragraph with the entry - hence the style/format
- and in one document the style is Arial but another document it is TNR, the
entry will pick up the difference in Styles. This usually happens if you use
different templates, and/or the entry is saved with the style Normal with
manual formatting applied and this style changes in different documents.
For more on AutoText, see

Hope this helps


Thanks for your responses and I will check the paragraph marker is included,
but not sure if that is the problem as the default font is arial, as are all
the documents being worked on - it is the default font for the organisation
and all documents are typed in arial but the damned thing still keeps
changing to Times New Roman

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