Audio has issues with Windows Media Player but not in Virtualdub or SoundForge.

Discussion in 'Windows XP Basics' started by muzician21, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. muzician21

    muzician21 Guest

    I'm including RAP since I imagine you've run into audio issues with
    Windows. I'm having an oddball problem I've never encountered before.
    Running XP Pro SP3, I find that when I play video with Windows Media
    Player there's static & popping in the audio. The same video plays
    fine in Virtualdub and with SoundForge.

    I tried uninstalling WMP and reinstalling, seemed to work at first but
    then developed the same issue.

    It used to work fine on this Windows install, the issue seems to have
    cropped up recently. What's the difference between how VirtualDub and
    SoundForge accesses/plays video audio and how WMP plays it?

    This is the first time I've run into this. I had some problems with
    DRM wmv video that I initially thought was the fault of the file, but
    now I sense the bug is in the system.

    I'd like to solve this without doing an O/S reinstall. Any input will
    be appreciated.
    muzician21, Mar 30, 2011
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  2. muzician21

    Les Cargill Guest

    I have all but dropped WMP in favor of Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
    This is mainly because there seems to be nothing
    that Classic will not decode, and without installing reams of codecs.
    Les Cargill, Mar 30, 2011
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  3. muzician21

    Carey Carlan Guest

    I can't address your specific issue. I've never seen WMP play
    incorrectly. IME, it either works or not.

    The usual culprit in static and popping is a disagreement over data
    rates (sample size and rate) If, for instance, you're playing a track
    sampled at 48K, but your audio card will only accept 44.1K, the software
    must convert in real time. If it doesn't convert, the sound either
    doesn't play at all (most common) or it sputters and skips. If the
    software can't convert fast enough it will also sputter and skip, just
    not so much.

    In the case of WMP, I find that it's such a hog of system resources and
    so nosy about DRM that it's better to just retire it for something
    simpler like Media Player Classic.
    Carey Carlan, Mar 30, 2011
  4. muzician21

    Paul Guest

    Use the program "GSpot", to check what CODEC is being requested for audio
    in the movie.

    Paul, Mar 30, 2011

  5. I'd try the XP Codec Pack first, as I've had some things go wonky in the
    past using K-Lite (or some elements therein).

    YMMV, of course,

    david gourley, Mar 30, 2011
  6. muzician21

    Gavino Guest

    VirtualDub does not instal any codecs (shared or otherwise), and has no
    private codec library. It uses the ACM (Audio Compression Manager) interface
    to decode audio.
    Gavino, Mar 30, 2011
  7. muzician21

    muzician21 Guest

    The thing is, I've never had this problem before - in 98, 98SE, XP
    Home, XP Media Center - which I understand is supposed to be plagued
    with issues. It wasn't an issue on previous installs of this same XP
    Pro disc that came with the machine. I've always found WMP to be
    dependable. I've now done a fresh install with the same XP Pro disc
    and it's doing it again.

    What I'm finding is if I bring up WMP first thing after a reboot, it
    appears to behave normally for a while. Plays .mp3, .wav,
    DV .avi, .mpg. However, at some point it starts doing it
    spontaneously. In fact I found it just did it playing through a
    playlist of 44.1 16 bit .wav files. Played through about the first 3
    okay, after transitioning to the 4th track, the problem developed.

    I also find that if it's showing up in WMP it also shows up in Kmedia
    player and in Pinnacle Studio but *not* in Vegas Pro 8, Virtualdub or
    muzician21, Apr 1, 2011
  8. muzician21

    muzician21 Guest

    I'll try the same list of audio files in a fresh boot and using only
    Kmedia player and see if it crops up.
    muzician21, Apr 1, 2011
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