Apply/copy Inbox rules to search folder?



I've created some very handy search folders. But I noticed that the rules I
created in my Inbox (colors, etc) are not applied to the messages in the
search folders. If I re-create the rule while in the search folder, it's
applied. But I have a large number of rules, and recreating them all in
every search folder will give me carpal tunnel.

I tried opening "Rules and Alerts" and clicking Copy, but it will only let
me select my Inbox as the destination folder.

Can someone help? How do I copy/apply my Inbox rules to my search folders?

Thank you!

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Create a new named view with the scope "on all Mail folders," with the
automatic formatting settings that you want to use. You should then be able
to apply that view to other folders.

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