Outlook 2003 - Can rules be setup to auto route RSS Feed messages?



I am currently using Outlook 2003 on a XP Pro computer. I have recently
installed NewsGator Inbox v3 (RSS Feeder). This application has created it's
own mail Inbox folder with several subfolders to store RSS subscriptions.

I would like to setup some automatic rules to route my RSS feed messages
into other folders. That is, as soon as the RSS subscription updates into
the NewsGator Inbox folders, I would like to have a rule run to move certain
RSS messages into other folders within my Personal Folders.

Now I am able to manually run a rule to accomplish this (Tools menu/Rules &
Alerts/Run Rules Now and select each folder), but I would like to have this
done automatically.

Note: The rule I created does automatically run if a message is received in
the Personal Folders/Inbox.

Any suggestions?


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