How To Remove Second Deleted Items Folder


Timothy Michel

I accidentally set a folder I called "Sorted Items" as default and then
changed the default back to the original default folder which I called
"Timothys Folders". Everything seemed to be OK except two things: One there
were now a "Deleted Items", "Inbox", "Junk E-mail", "Outbox", "Sent Items",
and "Search Folders" that I don't want in the "Sorted Items" folder and the
Delete selection is grayed for all of them in the right click menu as well as
in the Edit menu. How do I get rid of these extra system folders from my
"Sorted Items" folder that I created solely for organizing my emails into

The second thing that happened is that all my Rules that I spent hours
creating disappeared. How do I keep Outlook from arbitrarily dissing my Rules?

Roady [MVP]

All depends on the method that you used to switched your default folders
around. As long as you restarted Outlook and have no longer an account
associated with a pst-file, you can delete any folder accept for the Search
Folders and Deleted Items folder.

Your rules got dropped by the way you switched your folders around.
Apparently your method did not allow the rules to be transferred to the new
default folder set.

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