APA Headings



I would like to find or create a style document for an APA formatted document
that work with a Table of Contents.

Levels 3-5 of APA have the heading inline with the paragraph text. For

This is the heading. Followed by the paragraph text that goes on and on and
on etc.

It seems that the heading styles only allow for paragraph headings - that is
they automatically insert a new paragraph after the heading - so if I
highlight "This is the heading." above and apply the heading style it
automatically sticks in a new paragraph which doesn't match APA.

Alternatively, if I don't using the heading styles, then I can't
automatically create a table of contents for my document.

Any ideas about how to solve this problem?




Yves Dhondt

You could use a TC field. For more info see

As TC fields are normally hidden, you will have to type the first sentence
of your paragraph twice: once as part of your TC and once as part of your

So for your example (assuming field codes are displayed) you would get

{ TC "This is the heading" \l 3 }This is the heading. Followed by the
paragraph text that goes on and on and on etc.

To add all TC fields to your TOC, you will have to add the \f switch to your
TOC field code. For a full explaination, see


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