Numbered paragraphs following Heading 2 level



Helpful forum members: Using Word 2007, I need to create multi-level numbered
paragraphs which start beneath text which has the Heading 2 style in place.
This is for a series of simple template documents. I'm reluctant to use the
Heading styles to achieve this goal as those styles are already defined &
have a different format (e.g. bold). The multi-level numbered paragraphs need
to have their numbering based on the Heading 2 style that is used for text
immediately preceding the multi-level numbered paragraphs. e.g.

5.1 Sample Heading 2 Text (which is in bold)
5.1.1. Text for multi-level numbered paragraph where the
paragraph numbering picks up the numbering from the Heading 2 style used
immediately above.
5.1.1.i. Next level of the multi-level
numbered paragraph
5.1.1.i.a. Next level of the
multi-level numbered paragraph.

I've explored the List Number style & the List Paragraph style but I seem to
be missing some important understanding regarding how these work. I'd be
grateful for a pointer to a concept document or your helpful comments to help
me through this seemingly complex area. Thanks.

Stefan Blom

For this to work, your numbered paragraph style must be part of the same
multilevel list as Heading 1 and Heading 2. Place the insertion point in the
first Heading 1 paragraph of your document, and then click Home tab |
Multilevel List | Define New Multilevel List. Click More (if necessary) to
see the whole dialog box. Click Level 3, and choose the style that you want
numbered in the "Link level to style" box.


Thank you Stefan. This was a repost of a note sent yesterday but which I
could not find in the thread. Then I found the original post with an answer
provided by Pam. Your answer and Pam's have given me the solution. Thanks.


Hi, Stefan: I thought I'd resolved this problem of creating numbered
paragraphs which followed a previous Heading level number. However, the
solution provided by Pamelia & yourself breaks the Heading style for lower
Heading levels. For example: If I create a multilevel list style for
paragraphs that are numbered based on Heading 2 & in the Define new
Multilevel list dialog box, "Link level to style" to "List Number" & then
define a 2nd Multilevel List also based on Heading 2 & link that to List
Number 2, then the previously defined style for Headings 3 & 4 reverts to the
Heading 1 style. Is there some other setting in the "Define new Multilevel
list" dialog box which must be set to prevent this change to Headings 3 & 4
styles?? I need to be able to use Heading style 3 & 4 independent of the
multilevel list which I only want to work based on the Heading 2 style.
Clearly, I'm missing 'something'. Thanks for helping me to understand the
logic of this area.

Leszek Vincent (PLDV)

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