Multi-level paragraphs following Heading styles



Hi, helpful forum members: Is there a way for me to use multi-level numbered
paragraphs immediately following say Heading 2, such that the numbering of
the multi-level paragraphs picks up the numbering based on the Heading level
used immediately above? e.g.:

3.1 Sample text using Heading 2
Body text under this Heading 2 title followed by numbered paragraphs that
pick up the numbering auto-generated via the use of Heading 2.

3.1.1. Sample text of first numbered paragraph.
3.1.1.i. Sample text of numbered paragraph of next level.

I've experimented with the List Paragraph style, the List Number style,
creating my own numbered style ... but I seem to be missing some 'clues' on
how these styles link up with (or don't) the multi-level numbering facility.

Furthermore, if in the list of References for the document is want to number
the references from 1 to x this numbering appears to 'hook into' previous
List Paragraph etc. numbering.

Solution(s) gratefully sought. Thanks.


Thank you Pam. This was helpful. This multilevel list appears to be
automatically carry the name "List Number". I'm going to create a new Style
for each level of this multilevel list. Please correct me if there's another
way of doing this. I need to add these styles to the document templates.


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