HEADING 1...HEADING 2 following styles not correct in a Quick StyleSet Options



Let me try this group...

In Word 2007. I have creates a set of styles in a document. For many
of the styles I set the "Style for Following Paragraph." attribute.

I save the file as a Quick Style Set.

I create a new document.
I select the Style Set that I saved.

If I apply a Heading 1 style to my paragraph, I get the the
that I set up and am expection. However, when I hit RETURN at the end
of the line, the style get set to NORMAL rather than what I set my
folowing style to be. The same thing happens with every HEADING 2,
HEADING 3, .... style. However, the following paragraph style is
correct for all the other styles.

1. Is this simply a bug?
2. If not is there something I need to do to set the following style
for a heading?



Stefan Blom

I can't reproduce this error. Are you sure that the insertion point is at
the end of the paragrah when you press Enter (otherwise, Word assumes you
want to split the paragraph and doesn't apply the "Style for following

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