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I have video of a speaker with accompanying text of what she is saying. How
could I animate the text so that it keeps good pace with the video? I don't
want to use "credits" because it's too distracting. If I try sequential text
boxes, they interfere with the way the video plays, by stopping the video or
by not starting at the proper time.
Thank you for any suggestions.




Since PowerPoint is not good in synchronizing, the best way is to use a video
editor such as windows movie maker to add in the subtitles.

If you want to do it in PowerPoint, try Custom Animation > Add Effect >
Entrance > Flash Once. The Flash once effect will flash your text for a
specific duration before it disappear. To edit the duration, double click on
the added effect, then modify the speed. Next, add the remaining subtitles
and have them overlap on top of one another (all added with the flash once
Shawn Toh (tohlz)
Microsoft MVP PowerPoint

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