Premature Display of Text before Entrance Animation



I am animating a slide presentation in PowerPoint 2007.
I have outlined text in a text box.
I have applied entrance animation to the text box, which in turn animates
the individual bullet points of text.

Everything works fine, EXCEPT, the text renders before animation starts.

Animation proceeds on schedule, with the text disappearing & entering
appropriately . . . but the effect is pointless when the text has already
been displayed!!!

How do I keep the text from displaying until the entrance animation is



Bill Dilworth

Good Morning,

Often, in multiple animation slides, things will not mesh together exactly
as you intended. Sometimes, all it takes is giving an animation a 0.1
second delay or adding an Appear animation before the desired effect.

The best animation advice I was given was "Play with it; when it works, it's

Bill Dilworth

Lucy Thomson

Do you have a shadow on the text? Was it created in 2003? If not, can you
walk us through the exact steps you took to animate the text?





Several hours later, I've found the problem . . . there was an animation
already set up in the custom template I was using . . .

In the "Animation Tab" of the "Ribbon" use the "Custom Animation" button to
reveal the right hand panel which allows you do create your custom animation.

On the right hand "Custom Animation" panel Click on the grayed out animation
of choice (in my case there was only one).

Choose "Copy Effects to Slide" from the drop down available on the right
hand side of the entry.

Then delete the offending animation entries!

COMMENT: I'm not saying the 2007 Office navigation is good or bad . . . but
I will share that the new "ribbon" navigation has caused me many, many hours
of frustration with the 2007 Office products.

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