Captions for slides - labor intensive


Marv Duncan

I'm working on a slide program with 90+ slides. I want to place a caption on
each one, using a text box along with a Custom Animation for each caption.
The animation will simply be a fade in. I find that I have to create a text
box, then set the font, size, bolding, then go to Drawing Tools to set a
special text fill and text outline colors. Then I have to go to Animations,
select Custom Animation, then go to the Custom Animation pane to select Add
Effect, select Add Effect, select Entrance, select Fade, then tell it when to
start (After last), and finally select the speed for the effect. Please tell
me I don't have to do that ninety-some-odd times!



Bill Dilworth

How long is this talk supposed to run? (at a fast paced 1 minute per slide
....) Or is it some kind of unmanned picture loop?

Why not just set the first one the way you want it, set it as the default
textbox format, then simply copy and paste the textbox onto each slide?
That way the animation is there, the formatting is there, the background is
there. Only the text is changed (to protect the innocent).

Bill Dilworth



Echo S

What Bill said.

Another option is to go to View | Master | Slide Master and position the
title placeholder where you want the picture caption. (This is assuming you
don't need to use the title placeholders for, well, slide titles! You could
also use the text placeholder if you don't need it. Or in PPT 2007, you can
add your own custom placeholder.)

Anyway, put the placeholder where you want the caption to be and format it
appropriately. Add the animation to the placeholder. Go back to Normal View,
and this placeholder should be available and say "click to add text" on each

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