Animation affects transition to next slide



A slide has several transition effects. Each follows the previous one by
checking "Advance Slide, Automatically after 1 sec". After the animation is
complete, the slide show automatically transitions to the next slide, without
waiting for my mouse click, and I can't figure out how to stop this. The
second slide has no animation. All other transitions work perfectly ("fade

I'm confused by the fact that the animation effects occur only if the
"Automatically after..." box is checked on the "Slide Transition" menu. If I
don't check "Automatically after.." the animation effects only occur
one-by-one with a mouse click. Shouldn't the course of the animation be
controlled via the "Custom Animation" menu rather than the "Transitions" menu?

If I don't check the "Automatically... " box, when the animation is complete
(click-by-click-by click ...), then I can advance to the next slide with a
mouse click, as I intend.

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