Auto slide transition after an animation sequence?


Stumped in TN

Hello, is there any way to automatically transition to the next slide after
an animation sequence is complete without using a mouse click or a timed
slide transition? e.g. an object appears, grow largers and moves right and
then an auto transition to the next slide occurs so you can see the object
clearer (since it gets blurry with the enlargment). Yes, I know I can just
have the object dissappear after the enlargemnt and have a clearer enlarged
object appear, but I want to do more animations on the next slide and I don't
desire too many animations on one slide.

Stumped in TN

It quasi works. I still have to move the mouse over it to make the
transition. If I am moving the mouse, I might as well be clicking. It still
isn't automatic. Thanks though.

villem teder

Hello "StumpedinTN"

While it is not free, this add-in is the only one I've found that does
auto advance to the next slide after manual animations. I'm a happy
customer. The work-arounds that John suggests are great if you are
only doing a few slides, but I have need for many in a show, and the
add-in works. There is a trial version.


Villem Teder

Stumped in TN

Thank you, but the I'd have to give up my 1st born male child to get our IR
department to allow me to get unapproved software. If perchance a miracle
were to occur, does this software have to be loaded on every machine the pppt
will be shown on, or just the machiine used to create it?

Steve Rindsberg

John Wilson said:
Add Ins have to be on every machine.

To use them, yes.

But to use the resulting presentations ... sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I'm not familry with Chirag's addin, but if it creates effects based on
different combinations of existing PPT effects, it wouldn't be needed on
playback machines. But perhaps it IS needed on each machine.

Over to Chirag for clarification.

villem teder

Well, I'm not Chirag. Just a happy customer.

The animation effects created by that add-in will play on another
computer, without having to have the add-in installed.

However, unfortunately, the auto transition part does require that the
add-in be installed on whatever computer is being used to display the
PPT file.

There has to be a way to try at least the demo version to show the IT
ogres the advantages of the add-in. My sympathies.


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