Custom Animations to Transition Between Slides



Ultimately what I want to do is this: when I click to transition to the next
slide (during a presentation), I want some custom animations to play out
first and *then* transition after they're done. The effect would be to make
the slideshow appear less like a series of discreet slides and more like a
smooth video.

For example, I'm using PPT 2007 and my presentation is based on the
"Technic" theme. There are some curvy panels on the side and bottom of each
slide as part of the theme; but if you look at the slide masters, you can see
that the curvy panels are in different locations (or missing altogether) on
some of the slides.

Rather than just have a hard transition from slide to slide (so the curvy
panels appear, disappear, or instantly jump with each transition), I would
like to animate them so that they slide in or out to match the next slide in
the presentation; but I don't want to have to remember to click once to start
a custom animation, and then click again to transition to the next slide - I
want it to be smoother than that to achieve the affect I'm going for.
Hopefully that makes sense. :)

It would be perfect if I could have a custom animation play "On Click", and
at the end have some trigger that automatically transitions to the next slide
so I don't have to remember to click again. Another approach would be to set
some sort of custom animation to occur "On Exit Transition" instead of "On
Click". But I can't figure out how to do either one! Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Rick Altman

Hmm, that's a good one. I wonder if this could be done with a secret slide.
Let's identify the actors in this play:

1: The slide that precedes the animation that you want.
2. The slide that contains the animation.
3. The slide that follows the animation.

Slide 1 is designed as you wish, up to the point of the desired animation.

Slide 2 is identical to Slide 1, except the animation occurs as soon as the
slide appears and this slide's transition is set to Automatic, not Click.
This is the so-called secret slide because it will feel like a continuation
of Slide 1.

Slide 3 then appears after Slide 2 does its business.

I think this would work...

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