Automatically advance slide after custom animation is finished


Arnaud Miege


I have a slide (in PPT 2007) with a bunch of custom animation. It works
well, but I would like to move on to the next slide as soon as the last
custom animation is finished on that slide and I haven't found a way to do
this. I have tried the slide transition options and set advance slide to
"automatically after 00:00" but that doesn't work, it just makes the custom
animations on the next slide start automatically rather than through a mouse
click, but the slide itself has to be brought up manually through a mouse
click. I have searched on the internet but haven't found anything relevant.
Does anybody know how I could do this?

Many thanks in advance,


Bill Dilworth

This is easiestly accomplished by using two slides. Is this a possibility
in your case? or are the slide numbers fixed for presentation reasons?

Advance automatically set to 00:00 means that that slide will advance as
soon as the animations are completed AND it will start any manual triggered
animations so that this can be accomplished. If however, you have a slide
that is identical to the one with animations (in appearance, no animations)
showing before, then an advance would take you to the one that does have the

The key is that appearance is slide reality. If two slides look the same,
then the audience will not be able to tell the difference. Use the first as
the hold, prior to the animation.

Bill Dilworth

Arnaud Miege

Thanks, I have tried it, but it didn't work too well, because I have a lot
of things appearing, disappearing and motion paths on both slides. What I
ended up doing was copying the first animations and title of the second
slide onto the first one and set it to appear/fade in at the end of the
custom animations of that first slide (when most of it had disappeared). I
have then removed the animation of the corresponding components on the
second slide, and set the next custom animation on that second slide to
start with previous. The first slide is a bit messy because there's text and
pictures on top of each other, but it does work when used in a slide show.


Lucy Thomson

Hi Arnaud

Sorry to jump in but I can't help but share! Have you discovered the
selection pane yet? It makes working on layered slides *far* easier. Home
tab -> select -> selection pane. Click on the little eyes to hide/unhide


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor

Arnaud Miege

Thanks, I did not know that. I noticed that when a component is hidden, it
won't animate either. However, I can still see that as useful for either
printing the slides or converting them to PDF for handouts.


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