continuous loop animation in slide?



I have an opening slide to be displaced before the actual presentation
starts. It contains several images which - through custom animation -
appear in different places on the slide one after the other replacing
the previous ones.

I want this animation to run continuously (restarting from the start
when it reaches the last image on the slide) until I click to move to
the start of the actual presentation (next slide). But at present it
just stops when it gets to the last image. How can I get it to loop
continuously until I click to move to the next slide?

Thanks. Jeff


On 5/15/12 10:40 AM,
You will need to use two presentations (or shows). The first is your
single slide with your animations. Set the slide transition to whatever
timing you wish, such as 5 seconds, and in 'Set Up Show' (wherever that is
in your version of PP), click on 'Loop continuously until Esc'. That
should keep the first slide running.

Create a second show using the rest of your slides. Save it, preferably in
the same folder as the first single-slide show.

Look at the help files for 'insert hyperlink' to provide a link from your
first slide (now a show in its own right) to the second presentation (made
up from the rest of your slides).

On your first slide, place something like an Autoshape (arrow, perhaps).
Right click on that and click 'Hyperlink'. Navigate to the folder
containing your second presentation.

Run the first show and click on the hyperlink when you wish to go to the
main event. The hyperlink can be invisible if you use 'no line' and 'no
colour', but you then need to know where it is!

When you use the hyperlink you will almost certainly get a message about
hyperlinks being dangerous. To stop that message, use the Microsoft help
system to find how to stop that message for your particular software
(Office 2003, 2007, 2010, etc).

Thank you very much Brian.

That does it!

I had used this technique in the past but had forgotten it. (In some
early presentations I had named the one slide presentation "Start ...."
and was now wondering why I had bothered to create the separate start

Appreciate it very much.

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