PowerPoint Super Stuck and Desperately Need Help

Aug 21, 2022
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I've been beyond stuck on this one issue for 3 days now and I'm about to either pull all my hair out or throw my laptop into the swimming pool. I've tried every tip, trick, technique, and workaround that I've found on every blog, forum, article and YouTube video that I could scrounge up, but nothing has worked. What makes me so doubly angry is that this feels like it SHOULD be such a very, very simple thing, something that should even be an effect option already available in PowerPoint.

Here's my issue: I want to start the wheel entrance animation from the bottom of the shape (6 o'clock) instead of the top. That's it. That's the entire source of my crisis right now. But, this appears to be IMPOSSIBLE to resolve. Why? I'm flabbergasted. Every other damn animation has multiple options to change so many settings of the animation, but this stupid piece of sh*t wheel animation MUST start at the 12 o'clock position NO MATTER WHAT. Dumb.

I've seen dozens of articles and blog posts online stating that a simple combination of 3 animations will achieve a faux version of this, by using a combination of "disappear", "spin", and "wheel" animations. But, those tutorials have not worked. They work great if you're just trying to do a solid circle, but any other shape is a complete mess. It's even more idiotic in that the wheel animation not only starts at the 12 o'clock position, but it always starts at the 12 o'clock position based on the original orientation of the shape. Which means no matter how I flip or spin or rotate the shape, the wheel animation will start at the 12 o'clock position of the shape based on its default orientation, not based on its actual orientation.

Has anyone been able to solve this? Is this just a lost cause that for some reason has NEVER been added in PowerPoint?!?!

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