PowerPoint White Border from Powerpoint 2007

Mar 3, 2013
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Powerpoint 2007:
I took the shapes under the Shapes menu, overlayed and grouped them together to create a new, funky shape. I saved the shape as a gif. file. When I put this gif. file (the shape) into a gif. animator (a program that creates animated gifs), there is a white space around the shape. I take the shape and put in Paint (the standard paint program that comes with all Windows, I believe). I used the Fill to remove most of the white space, but a white border surrounds the shape itself.

How do I fix this?

Or better yet, how do I keep the transparency of this Powerpoint-saved shapes in the gif animator? (I use Photoscape, but if there are free gif. animators that keep transparencies, then please link them!)


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