Analog to digital convertion process?



I'm trying to convert analog (VCR Tapes) to Digital. My
Sony TRV350 camera has a built in "signal convert
function." The VCR plugs into the camera's "Audio-Video
in port and then the camera is connected to my computer
through its firewire (i-link) port. When I work through
the capture video wizard the analog video is shown
playing in the preview screen, but (and this is the
problem) when I try to record it Movie Maker remotely
(via the firewire connection) starts the camcorder's tape
playing. The camcorder's tape signal overrides the VCR's
output via the camcorder and hence Mover Maker records
whatever tape is in the camcorder instead of the analog
signal from the VCR.

I'm not sure if this makes sense but I'm looking for
help. Some ideas/questions I have are 1) Is there a way
to adjust a setting in Movie Maker to force it to record
whatever is in the preview plane and not allow it to
remotely begin playing the camcorder? 2) IS there
another software program that would allow me to do what I

One of the reason we bought the camcorder instead of the
cheaper models was for the "signal convert" feature. The
feature is working it seems but the software wants to
always get the tape going in the camcorder instead of
just letting the other signal coming from the VCR "pass
through" on to the computer.

I have tried using the camcorder without a tape in it as
well but to no avail. The analog signal gets passed
through onto the computer but the moment you try to
record with Movie Maker it says it can't because there is
no available signal for it. *-(

Thnaks for any help or suggestions.


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