Adaptive Answer on Windows XP FAX


Mike Schumann

I want to set up my modem on my Windows XP Professional workstation to
accept both incoming FAX and Dial Up Networking (DUNS) calls.

On Windows 2003 there is a way to turn on Adaptive Answer in the Properties
for the modem device in the FAX Service Manager (Microsoft FSP tab). I
don't see a FAX Service Manager in Windows XP Professional.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

You'll need a third party Fax application, XP Fax does not support adaptive
or distinctive ring.
Distinctive Ring Is Not Supported by Windows 2000 Fax

I know of one third party fax application that overcomes this Distinctive
Ring problem:
FaxTalk Messenger Pro

And there are several hardware devices that can help:
Emerson Switchboard

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