56 K modem



I have installed a pci network card , all is well, but I want to send faxes
via 56k Modem, which worked fine before.The modem does not show at all in
device driver, when I start the fax wizard nothing is sent. The find
installed hardware wizard comes up with a message that there is no modem on
the pc. It has never been touched or removed!. I have tried everyhting so far
that I know of. The problem is also that it is an old pc, old modem, the cd
rom with drivers on it is only for O/S Win 95, Win 98. I have tried this.
Also when it says install driver on a port it auto selects com1. I use Win XP
Do I buy a new modem ?
Your help would be very much appreciated.



Gerry Cornell

What is the make and model of the fax mode? How did you install the fax
modem? What fax software are you proposing to use?


Hope this helps.


Using invalid email address

Stourport, Worcs, England
Enquire, plan and execute.
Please tell the newsgroup how any
suggested solution worked for you.





Perhaps you disturbed the card during fitting the network card, are you sure
it is pushed in all the way or try taking it out and plugging it into a new
PCI slot.

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